UPS Case Study – Management of Information Systems

List the various ways that DIAD (Delivery Information Purchase Device) boosts customer service.

DIAD can enhance their customer companies by using real-time tracking and data tracking in order to track the consumers' packages. Simply by tracking absolutely free themes packages, they can be able increase the reliability as well as the efficiency. This kind of also boosts the speed of delivery and delivers the packages promptly. The additional way is to apply devices that scan the packages to supply information about the deals. This minimizes the risk of coming into wrong info.

Write out the steps a package deal takes by pick-up by a UPS rider to delivery including the part of DIAD, the USP Data Centre, and the UPS Package Center. The first step is perfect for the customer to the information about the deals and the spots where they will be delivered.

The second stage is to send the data for the UPS's primary database. The UPS system will then labeled each package deal and connect them intended for shipping.

The third step is for the UPS new driver to pick up the bundle and use the DIAD products that will show the packages data and destination.

The forth step is for the driver to scan the packages which automatically transmits the package's information to the UPS's main database. This permits the customers to track their packages.

The final step is perfect for the UPS database to automatically update and retail outlet the information regarding the package deal in order to pick the right route to get delivery.

What function does wi-fi communication play in the UPS system? List the several types of wireless connectivity and describe their capabilities?

Wireless communication allow for better flexibility and real time info in the package deal and delivery operation of UPS. Together with the various types of wireless systems USP supplies a more efficient service in addition to less expense.

DIAD possess built in features such as:


802. 1b Wireless Support...


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