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Legendary Paper

There always are hardships and battles which a person need to experience so as to have true love. A lot of people give up with fighting to get love, while some fight right up until their last breath. Inside the epic movie, The Queen Bride, the characters go through many road blocks, so they can accomplish that type of actual love; in any epic history, the leading man must deal with certain challenges in order to attempt task. The story has 3 main challenges that Westley must encounter, so he can save his lady love, the battle against her abductors, the battle against character (the Open fire Swamp), plus the battle against Prince Humperdink.

To begin with, Westley has to encounter each of Buttercup's abductors in a struggle, so they can save her. Each fight becomes harder as he features his quest to save Buttercup. The initial battle is a battle of skill against Inigo Montoya. Inigo has trained to get 20 years over a quest to avenge his father's murder, and he is becoming very speedy with his sword. He tells Westley that he desires to give him a good shot inside the battle because he likes him. After Westley defeats Inigo, he moves on to his next battle which is against Fezzik, the giant. This challenge against Fezzik is a battle of brawn. Fezzik is usually an enormous giant also chosen by Vizzini, along with Inigo to assist him kidnap Buttercup. Prior to battle starts, Fezzik tosses a ordinary at Westley to try to startle him. Westley already knows that this struggle will be harder than his battle with Inigo, so this individual jumps on Fezzik's returning to weaken the giant's durability. Finally after a tiresome battle, Westley sounds the giant, and he moves on to his final and hardest challenge against Vizzini, which is a fight of minds. Vizzini considers that he is so wise and that nobody can outsmart him. He does not have compassion or perhaps remorse for anything or anyone and this is why this struggle is the most important. The battle against Vizzini is important because he vulnerable the princess' life, also he must die. Peyton 2 When Vizzini is definitely defeated and killed, Westley is able to get the queen and will leave your site and go to his fresh battle intended for love.

Moving along, Westley has his three battles against human beings, and next he and Buttercup have to go through the battle against nature. The battle with the Fire Swamp has three different trial offers they have to deal with in order to make it the cave safely. The first trial is the fire spurts. Even though these big spurts of fireplace are easily conquer, they get Westley off guard, and he and Buttercup happen to be almost burned up. As in any kind of epic struggle, the second battle is always harder than the first because the leading man has to show his power and ability. The second obstacle they deal with may be the lightning crushed stone or speedy sand. The sand nearly defeats Westley and Buttercup when it pulls her below. Like the the case hero he's, Westley will save her by jumping in the sand in back of her using a vine to get them away. The last challenge Buttercup and Westley have to face is definitely ROUS (Rodents of Unconventional Size). This is actually the final and hardest struggle because Westley uses his strength fantastic sword to win this kind of fight. The battle turns into very difficult when the rodent disorders Westley, yet he overpowers the animal and defeats it.

Finally is the struggle against Knight in shining armor Humperdink. In many stories, the prince is a hero and the savior however, not in The Queen Bride. At the conclusion of the Fireplace Swamp struggle, Prince Humperdink is uncovered as the true villain. Humperdink thinks that he cannot be beaten and knows everything. He does not have any love in his heart that is why it's hard for him to believe that true love is out there. After the royal prince finds Buttercup and Westley, he claims Buttercup that he'll return Westley to his send, but this individual really intentions of killing him. Humperdink transmits him towards the Pit of Despair, so Westley will be tortured...


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