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Intro of Group Diversity

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Summary of Stonyfield Farm building Case Study

My spouse and i. What factors should StonyField Farm review before going international? Reasons to grow in worldwide markets

-- Increased income in worldwide markets

-- Expansion and diversification of customer base

- New business chances and assets

Major Considerations before going Worldwide

Minimizing Development Costs

-- Researching the labor laws and regulations of the particular country

- Working with neighborhood vendors and suppliers directly

- Working with low operate barriers

-- Utilizing financial aid from neighborhood governments

-- Resources use of inexpensive methods and unprocessed trash Economies of Scale

-- Strategies to reducing production costs

-- Knowing of the geographic location for the international growth - Learning the markets- being aware of consumers would like and needs -- Knowing the overseas countries financial and personal systems Financial systems of Opportunity

- All of the products and services the corporation wants to presents (Daft, 2010) - Identifying the geographic regions of growth

- The actual markets size

II. Precisely what are the major methods for Stonyfield to take their very own operations global? Form Tactical Alliances with local partners

Indirect Vendre

- Creating strategic alliances to firms to enhance market share ( Horngren, Sundem and Stratton, 2002) - Contract with local distributors and suppliers to manage resources Direct Transferring Methods

- Establishing a domestic-based export department

-- Creating abroad sales branches or subsidiaries

- Using export product sales representative applying foreign based distributors and agents License

- Stonyfield could consider selling the rights to other companies to use as trademarked brands in the overseas markets Joint Ventures and Consortia

-- Establishing a different entity with two...

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