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00Aruna DhungelbIOLOGY 2A


Osmosis in Potato Skin cells

Aruna Dhungel

Biology 2A

October twenty-eight 2014


To see just how much osmosis or diffusion is going to occurs in potato cell based on the concentration of molarity. Method:

Obtained a few cups and label A, B, and C

В В В В В В В В В В В В 

To glass A added 150ml WATER and eight. 775gNaCl (stirred cup) В В В В В В В В В В В В Poured 50ml of solution in cup A to cup B В В В В В В В В В В В В To cup N added one more 50ml H2O В В В В В В В В В В В В To glass C added 100ml INGESTING WATER

Potato Induration;

Took 3 potato cores using corer tool В В В В В В В В В В В В Cut each to 3cm long

Measured and recorded the first mass

Placed each core in cups A, B, & C

Still left it pertaining to overnight

Data Presentation

Osmosis in Spud Cells

Sample Molarity Primary Mass Last Mass % в–іВ Mass

A. 992. 34g. 28g -17. 6%

N. 496. 29. 23 -25. 6%

C 0. 34g. 42 3. 5%

Data Analysis:

Table: The table was recorded before and after the experiment. The table prospect lists the initial mass, final mass, molarity, and the change of mass in percentage contact form. It also implies that cup A and W lost mass while Cup C attained mass. Graph: The graph shows the alterations in mass verses molarity. Conclusion

My data reinforced my speculation which was: Salt will make the potatoes mass less. What am essentially trying to state is Glass A and B will gain mass because of the sodium, and cup c can gain weight as it is just drinking water. I found that if there is salt outside, it will eventually go inside, plus the water inside the potato should come out. Considering that the potato can be hypotonic and the outside is hypertonic. And if there is no salt outside, the salt that is previously in spud will come out and pass on. Since in Cup C the water outside is hypotonic, and the potato is hypertonic. Sample Measurements

Figuring out the change in Percentage form.



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