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Compare and Contrast:

Business online and Physical Business

Scholar Name: Nur Adrina Alissa binti Andri

Student IDENTITY: 0112871

Date of Distribution:

sixth March 2015

Online Business Compared to Physical Business

" You need customers. Without them, most companies would stop to exist” - Clients do perform a big significant role in businesses and consequently are the major reason for businesses' existence. Consumers are also needed to maintain the survival of a organization, be it a sole dealer, small medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), private limited companies, public limited businesses and so on. Every businesses make an effort to cater and accommodate their particular customers' needs and wants so they may purchase the businesses' products and services. Revealed the different features in an on the internet and physical organization with regards to start-up cost, marketing advertising and customers' comfort. In the early years, businesses' has started coming from as a dicker where exchange of items by chance of wants takes place instead of by the use money. Monetarily, in the modern world, money's existence like a medium of exchange available in the market has progressively opened up footings of outlets and stores, and even farms for businesses to offer their products and services for their customers. This is also known as ‘physical businesses. It can take a lot of costs to spread out up an actual business, and significant range of factors to become considered, just like, location, the establishment with their products and services to the customers, lease, utility expenditures, hiring and training staff, and so on. As opposed to this, online marketers retail all their goods and services by means of e-commerce which usually does not entail in making a physical shop, where buyers can purchase goods and services via on the net. Online businesses as well tend to face lower operational costs from lower utility expenses, along with fewer workers to be...


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