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 Netiquette Dissertation




" Netiquette" is network etiquette, the

do's and don'ts of online

interaction. Netiquette addresses both

common courtesy on the internet and the

informal " guidelines of the road" of

the online world. �

Core Rules

Guideline 1: Remember the human

• Computer systems bring people together

who would otherwise hardly ever meet. But the

impersonality from the medium improvements that

conference to anything less -- well, fewer


• You don't have to become engaged in legal

activity to actually want to be careful. Any message

you send could be preserved or submitted by its

recipient. You may have no control of where that


Rule 2: Abide by the same

criteria of tendencies online that

you follow in real life

• In real life, most people are fairly lawabiding, either by disposition or because wish afraid of getting caught.

On the web, the chances of receiving

caught sometimes seem slim.

Rule a few: Know where you are in

the online world

Netiquette differs from domain to domain

Precisely perfectly appropriate in one location

may be dreadfully rude within.

Netiquette is different in different

areas, it's important to find out where

you are.

Secret 4: Admiration other people's time

and bandwidth

• At the time you send email or post to a

conversation group, you're taking up

other people's time.

• The word " bandwidth" can be used to refer

for the storage capacity of your host

system. When you accidentally post

a similar note towards the same newsgroup

five times, you are spending both time

and band width.

Rule five: Make yourself look good


• As in the world at large, many people

who talk online simply want to

be enjoyed. Networks -- particularly

dialogue groups -- let you reach out

to people you'd probably otherwise hardly ever meet.

Rule 6: Share expert understanding

• The web itself started and

grew because researchers wanted to

discuss information. Slowly but surely, the rest

of us got in on the action.

Rule six: Help keep flame wars under



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