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Company: SimplySiti - Review

SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd., well-known as SimplySiti is a cosmetic line founded by a Malaysian baladin,  Siti Nurhaliza in March 2010 with the headquarter in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia.

Arrival of SimplySiti Skin and Makeup

A global analysis medical appearances company, and SimplySiti, a prestige magnificence brand made under the Malaysia's number one movie star and magnificence icon Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, today can be proud to announce the arrival and nationwide accessibility to SimplySiti Skincare and Makeup products. The newest skin care line is scientifically-designed and clinically-proven to complement select in-office rhinoplasty before and after pictures while the cosmetic makeup products range explores the true impression of make-up and color at its purest and most gorgeous creation.

The Significance

Living in the era of high technology and in these days of informed and informed consumers, it may be necessary for beauty items companies just like SimplySiti and more to be upfront about the ingredients in their products in order to fullfill the market requirements and keep dedicated customers from increasing. At all times, studies now could not avoid to link ingredients in typical makeup to scarring, failure of beauty items and a whole lot worse, proven that birth defects and diseases just like cancer are related to the utilization of beauty and cosmetics goods. The elevated demand for healthier beauty products as well as the seriousness in fighting to get a better and friendly environment, leads to the creation of such products as environment-friendly, non creature testing, mineral makeup and people with typically natural and organic elements. And it is confirmed that more plus more cosmetics users are very carefull and studying the effects of makeup ingredients before you make their purchases.

The Benefits

The SimplySiti products happen to be tested through human testimonies and by SimplySiti's definition and standard, which means that every potential product happen to be each analyzed on frequently until confident result is shown. As some materials in makeup may cause allergies in some cosmetic makeup products users, invisalign is very carefull in its selection of ingredients. Those who find themselves prone to acne pimples may especially appreciate makeup range that may be mild and comfy on epidermis, which are designed for problematic or use the most acne skin. Tests are carried out on human volunteers to make sure that the cosmetic does not clog up pores or trigger spots. Along the same lines, those with sensitive eye and skin area may be very happy to know that all SimplySiti goods for use for the sensitive areas like the eyesight area one example is are safe and therefore making them suited even pertaining to contact lens wearers.


Launched in early 2010, SimplySiti is usually Siti Nurhaliza's second make an attempt to participate in a small business industry after her initial trial with her CTea came to a dead end,[3] and the production of her brand tea was stopped in March to focus more upon SimplySiti.[4] With the assistance of her hubby, Datuk Seri Khalid Mohd Jiwa and two others business lovers, she ventured into the plastic industry after two years of research with AC Nielsen to examine the market and target buyers.[5] The cosmetics happen to be produced in Korea.[5] with the use of nanotechnology.[6] Before released into the marketplace, SimplySiti received Halalstatus from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) officials whom visited our factory in Korea to inspect every aspect of the production with strict restrictions to ensure the goods are Halal.[3] Many of the products, especially her lipstick range released bear the names by her singles' and albums' titles.[5][2] Marketing strategies include availability of these products over 200 Watsons,  Guardian and Jusco outlets during Malaysia,[2] with their first for a at the JB Sentral in Johor Bahru[7] and there...

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