Learning Experience Paper

Bernard T. Mitchell II

[UoP] PSY/103

July 28, 2015

Wanda Rush

Learning Experience Paper

From this paper, Let me discuss my personal learning experiences and evaluate them with the perspective of learning theories. Let me analyze my personal learning experience concerning classical conditioning, operant conditioning and cognitive- sociable learning theory. First of all, I might begin by describing my experience of learning to fear darkness with regards to classical conditioning. To give a lot of insight into the specific situation, I was hardly ever afraid of darkness until I had developed combat knowledge serving in Iraq & Afghanistan. I strongly assume that my anxiety about darkness may be explained employing Pavlov's " classical conditioning". According to (Carpenter, 2013), Classical Health is learning through involuntarily paired organizations. This happens when a neutral stimulus turns into paired with an unconditioned stimulation to elicit a trained response. Additionally , Clark (2004) in his content, " The Classical Beginnings of Pavlov's Conditioning" offers a detailed perception at the origin of traditional conditioning plus the reasoning lurking behind the transform of Pavlov conditioning to classical fitness (Clark, 2004). In regards to classical conditioning, my fear of night can be tracked back to the spring of 2004 in the first tour of obligation to War. While out on a patrol mission, i was ambushed and I heard weighty RPG and machine weapon fire from all directions along with the agony of wounded Marines during nighttime; infusing a fear inside me not knowing if I can be next. The conditioning occurred as follows: Primarily, there was quietness and night all around with everyone in perfect wellness until turmoil was stirred up. With darkness and smoke all around, I felt completely caught with no solution to maneuver. Nevertheless, the shouts of pain and anguish in the night scared me; eventually, We developed the fear of darkness because the majority of attacks took place during this period. After that, I had discovered to affiliate darkness with loud screams and entrapment hence designed a fear of darkness. Consequently , I believe I've been conditioned to fear darkness. I really believe the unconditioned stimulus may be the darkness, the unconditioned response (fear), the conditioned government (screams/entrapment), and the conditioned response (fear of darkness). Additionally , I believe I use acquired manners through operant learning. Having the desire to succeed in school upon all levels of education to make my parents think proud of my accomplishments. I will trace this kind of behavior completely back to my younger years. I firmly believe that my desire to receive good grades and to make my parents proud can be explained by a learning called " Operant Conditioning". Operant Conditioning is actually a type of learning that occur when the encouragement follows a certain behavior; therefore increasing the chance that the patterns will occur again. Inside my case, while i was developing up I was always considered to be a good college student amongst my personal teachers, colleagues, and my family. Every time My spouse and i performed a test or completed homework, I always do well and my parents often told me that if I acquire above a particular level of reputation, for instance being in the finest three learners in class, We would get a incentive. The incentive (reinforcement) resulted in my parents gives me one-hundred dollar. 00 to display how proud they were of my successes. Consequently, I learned that every time I performed well in school, I would acquire that reward (parents' happiness). Ultimately, this kind of behavior produced my family proud of me rewarding me to keep up the good operate; increasing the probability which the behavior could occur once again. I firmly believe my personal family's authorization acted while the positive strengthening because it heightened my behavior. As it pertains to Cognitive-Social learning, I strongly believe that multimedia plays an essential part inside the learning procedure. When I was obviously a kid, such as the kids today, we spent plenty of...

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