Purpose and qualifications of the Research

In today's world teens are more acquainted with computer games. They will play these as interests and for entertaining. Students enjoy computer games to unwind themselves; it gives enjoyment for the user. Computer games are ways of diversion and pleasure to get rid of time. According to David Arsenault of Journal of Computer Game Lifestyle, " you will discover seven fundamental game genres those are Action, Action-Adventure, Adventure, Role playing, Simulation, Technique, and other Distinctive genres just like Educational games, it is said that video and Computer games will be defined by a set of game plays which can be classified by setting or game-world content material.

The educational video games were games that give a lesson to fulfill a aware task. That normally acquires the player to solve various questions by reaching people or perhaps the environment. The researcher's goal for the study is to create an Interactive Educational Quest for all Ages titled " Ethnica”. A game that may be composed of trivia questions that have been educational towards the proponents. Philippine gamers know about games and what they are. They will play it as a hobby. The situation here is that some online games have their chaotic features. Such game instruct a player to become violent, in fact it is not educational.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) in the Philippines has many marketing promotions and adverts to promote the country's tourist spots and cultural heritages, for the tourist to explore the country. Gambling is most extensively popular inside our country but these games are certainly not created with a Filipino. Thus if travel and leisure and game playing is applied which works with our country's cultural heritages and environment it will absolutely beloved by simply Filipino game enthusiasts as well as tourists, the experts would like to build a game not simply for fun and excitement but also for educating you or players. The researcher's title intended for the educational video game is " Ethnica”, from your word cultural which means tribe culture.

The game program titled Ethnica is a video game that is consisting of trivia video games. The game strategy is designed not just to give fun and enjoyment but to educate the Filipino players about our tribesmen, ethnic heritages, as well as the importance of the environment. A game designed for the Filipinos with its top quality design and interactivity; with this the proponents may appreciate each of our country's rich and amazing environment. The users will learn likewise about the country's tribe groups using their ethnic ethnical traditions and beliefs, just like their gods in historical time. With the use of the system the users are guaranteed to learn and enjoy.

Innovation is a great factor that our country works in terms of industrialization and technology. It makes us citizens to get proud of, nevertheless how can all of us say that each of our country works without the environment and social heritages? Tourism makes our country regarded in the world; because of these tourist spots as well as our historical past.

Theoretical Construction

Serious game titles and electronic environments will be the future of education. According to Dr . Jeffrey Taekman, the director of Duke University's Human Ruse and Sufferer Safety Center stated around the article " Games: bettering Education”, that educators more and more recognize the impact of entertainment software and utilize games as a teaching device in a growing quantity of classrooms and business adjustments. More than just play, entertainment application helps give knowledge, develop life abilities and strengthen positive practices in students of all ages.

Instructors are " hijacking” industrial " off-the-shelf” videogames to work with them to get educational reasons, as talked about to increase knowledge according to the article " Serious Video games & Cultural Heritage: An instance study of prehistoric caves” Toulouse University or college, France. Within their study they used as being a subject the Gargas Cave a pre-historic site in France, to signify its one hundredth year anniversary of discovery. The game created has been utilized not just to...


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