The Neoclassical Period highly valued reason, formal rules and demanded buy in magnificence. The ‘Neoclassic Period' in britain spans the 140 years.

Following the Restoration, the Romantic Period is usually delivered to expand roughly from the break out of the France Revolution.

Neoclassic Period can be split up into three parts:

1 . The Restoration Age group (Age of Dryden) 1660-1700

2 . The Augustan Age group (Age of Pope and Swift) 1700- 1750

three or more. The Age of Meeks 1750- 1798

Top features of Neoclassic Books

Neoclassical writers stressed harmony, order, logic and emotional restraint, centering on society and human intelligence and avoiding personal emotions.

Neoclassical authors modeled their works on those of ancient Portugal and The italian capital, emulating what they saw as restraint, rationality and pride of time-honored writing. Neoclassicists often used satire to point out aspects of society that they felt would have to be changed.

They will followed Roman models deciding on between the delicate, playful and sympathetic procedure of Horace ( Horation Satire) plus the darker, gnawing at style of Juvenal (Juvenalian Satire)

Neoclassic writers seen human beings since limited real estate agents who need to set themselves only attainable goals. Lots of the great works attack man ‘pride' and enforce the lesson of humanity's ought to submit to its restricted position in the cosmic purchase.


Romanticism is known as a movement in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that marked the reaction in literature, idea, art, religious beliefs, and politics to the formalism of the previous Neoclassic period.

Features of Romantic Literature

Imagination and emotion will be more important than reason and formal rules. intuition and a dependence on " natural” feelings as a guide to conduct happen to be valued above controlled, rationality.

Loving literature will emphasize a love of nature and a valuing of the prevalent, " natural" man. Romantics idealize nation life and believe that most of the ills of society...


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