A 4-MAT Review Program: Integrative Ways to Psychology and Christianity

Lottie Conner

Freedom University


The book, Integrative Methods to Psychology and Christianity (2004), Entwistle shows the reader with a number of crucial questions regarding the possibility of the usage with two seemingly divergent disciplines: mindset (science) and theology. From your religious fundamentalist point of view, psychology is a godless discipline counting exclusively upon empirical data that is observable and necessary for a client's behavior customization. As for practitioners of the psychological discipline, their very own view of theology is oftentimes combative, relegating the notion of a sovereign God doing work in the affairs of His creation as nothing more than irrational belief and completely outside the proof tests utilized by the clinical method. Yet Entwistle suggests that the usage is not only likely, but necessary for both professions. The challenge, since Entwistle pinpoints it, can be described as matter of the way you can modify our worldviews to support the truth saved in both exercises. Humans, staying finite beings often are unsuccessful in their epistemological efforts in the search for truth. God is all truth, for that reason His word would be full sovereign coin over all things to include mindset and theology. Entwistle even more emphasizes The lord's sovereignty by defining Character in all of its material manifestations because not our mother, but as our sibling. Nature after that is the response to the imagination of The almighty and not since the result of a lot of ill-defined cosmological accident. (Entwistle, 2004, s. 116) Entwistle believes which our understanding about creation, research, all that you observe and are unable to see is usually colored by assumptions we all hold within our worldviews. These kinds of worldviews affect the way we perceive the world around us and thus decide our actions. According to Entwistle, the word of our worldviews naturally...

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