Conferer Company.

Yan Anantakusumo


Septima Nurlailia

Rizki Setyo P

Business History

Donner Organization, started in 85,

manufactures imprinted circuit panels,

technically referred to as as " soldermask

overbare copper” planks

 It faces a contest from around 750

producers in Usa.

 The firm has evolved new operations

and application and holds patents pertaining to


Method Order

Whenever an order was received, selling price

was quoted based on quotes of

labor and material costs. Depending on

acceptance by client, delivery time

of three weeks was quoted pertaining to orders under

1000 planks and your five weeks to get rest.

 Meanwhile a lot of rush requests were

accepted which needed to be served in

four days and nights

Manufacturing Method Flow

Preparation Level

 Grasp Artwork, Punching Location


 Graphic Transfer Stage

 Drilling Of Holes, Electroplating,


 Manufacturing Stage

 Solder Mask, Testing, Profilling


Buy Processing


 Productivity

 Top quality

 Delivery


Clients often found the requirement to change

the merchandise specifications due to some

error and this required worked being stopped

about that product.

Internal elements like inappropriate management

and procurement procedures for natural material

requirements also released delays inside the

manufacturing method.

The problem is majorly because a lot of the

shipments happen to be dispatched towards end of

the month.


Maintain an inventory of raw materials to reduce

time an instructions spends expecting the

purchase to happen.

Change the policy of shipping even more in second

fortnight in the month, make it more equally


It may not always be possible to stock every raw

elements, but key items needs to be stocked.

In particular those related to the start of the

developing process

Changing Information Indication


Keep the small , special purchase in cell

layout, beyond regular production.


Agent pins a panel to drill

Drilling of

500 holes

CNC (Automatic)

Manual Drilling

Metallization (Copper concentration bath)

DFPR (panels are washed, clean, and lined with dried out film

photography resist)

Placement of customer art work on sections

Passed through DFPR developing equipment

Electroplatation of bare solar panels

Flash planting of Container over copper mineral plating

The DFPR which is not exposed to UV light is chemically revealed (At the final of the stage, the routine pattern would be created upon both sides of board)


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