Reaction Newspaper Ch. 6-7

As reading chapters 6 and eight, I learned a lot of recent information. The topics that stood the most to me were the interpersonal structure hypotheses, social disorganization theory, tension theories, social deviance theories, and socialization and criminal offenses.

The Cultural structure ideas is the idea that kids that are brought up in poorer areas are more likely to make crimes than kids which might be wealthier. Many social structure theorists challenge those people that suggest criminal offenses has to do with personal trait and choice. It is said that it involves the environment that they are brought up in. It is important that cultural forces are operating in lesser communities to enable them to control and influence habit.

Sociable structure theories have three independent limbs. The first is interpersonal disorganization theory; this targets the circumstances within just urban environment that result crime rates. An area that is messy is one that institutes interpersonal control. This shows that someone's location is usually considerable for the likelihood of them committing crimes.

A strain theory is a idea that persons share similar values and goals. Because the lower school fails to obtain like the upper class they than start to experience socially humored or economically humor (the poor) might feel like they must humiliate others. Between the poor and the rich, an atmosphere of envy is formed that leads to violence. The people that feel like they can be deprived because of their race generally have a sense of injustice. The much less fortune than tend to doubt society, plus the built up anger than little by little leads to assault and criminal offense.

Ethnic deviance theory, the last theory of the 3, syndicates components of both pressure and social disorganization. Since the lower school lifestyle is draining and frustrating, that they create an independent culture with their own set of rules and values. There are two separate groups within the cultural deviance theory....


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