Comparison of Visa and Master Credit card

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 Comparison of Visa for australia and Learn Card Exploration Paper

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| Mastercard| Visa

Website: | MasterCard. com| Visa. com

Products: | Payment systems| Payment devices

Type: | Public| Public

Industry: | Financial services| Financial services

Key people: | Richard N. Haythornthwaite, (Chairman), Ajay Banga, (President & CEO)| Joseph Saunders (Chairman and CEO) John Partridge (President) Byron Pollitt (CFO)| Launch: | MasterCard Worldwide (NYSE: MA) is definitely an American international corporation using its headquarters inside the MasterCard Intercontinental Global Headquarters in Harrison, New York, United States. | Visa for australia Inc. (NYSE: V) can be an American global paymentsВ technology companyВ headquartered in Create City, Washington dc. Visa connects consumers, В businesses, financial institutions and governments much more than 200 countries and territories. | Revenue: | US$6. 714 Billion (FY 2011)| US$9. 188 Billion (FY 2011)| Net income: | US$1. 906 Billion (FY 2011)| US$3. 528 Billion dollars (FY 2011)| Headquarters: | New York| San Francisco

Staff: | six, 700| 7, 500

Working income: | US$2. 713 Billion (FY 2011)| US$5. 456 Billion dollars (FY 2011)| Founded: | 1966| 1970

Total assets: | US$10. 693 Billion (FY 2011)| US$34. 760 Billion (FY 2011)| Total equity: | US$5. 877 Billion (FY 2011)| US$26. 437 Billion dollars (FY 2011)


VISAВ (Visa International Support Association) and MasterCard will be bothpayment processingВ institutions that are owned or operated by a large number of participating economic institutionsВ that concern and marketplace VISA and MasterCard items (mainlyВ credit and debit cards). Both companies have related products. Various other financial institutions (mostlybanks) issue cards that use possibly VISA or perhaps MasterCard for processing payments. So if you will be comparing VISA and Master card to decide which card to look for, it might be a good idea to look at the features of the particular card (not the brand). The most important features, ofВ course, areВ Interest rateВ and Total annual fees. The competitors of VISA and...

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Comparison of Visa for australia and
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