‘‘The chances or deficiency of opportunities accessible to the personas in the world or universe in which they live, have a big impact on them'' The chances or deficiency of opportunities offered to the character types in the culture or community in which they live, have a huge impact on these people. The amount of breaks or occasions of alleviation in the ethnic context of your novel forms the principles and thinking of the protagonists. In my picked texts, Let me explore just how chances of respite and expect or the lack of them moulds the narrative's protagonist and exactly how they impact them as their journeys improvement. My chosen texts are the book ‘The Road' (TR) by Cormac McCarthy, the film ‘Children of Men' by Alfonso Cuaron plus the book ‘How I Live Now' By simply Meg Rosoff. The ethnical context of T. L beholds too little of opportunities which in turn contrasts with H. I. L. In and C. O. M which have several opportunities inside their cultural contexts. The cultural context of the text may be the world when the characters live. It involves the contemporary society, environment, ideals and perceptions of a text message.

T. 3rd there�s r is based within a post-apocalyptic vision of a community at an unspecified time in the future. The establishing is un-named and referred to as ‘Barren, Silent, Godless'. ‘Nights dark beyond darkness plus the days more gray every single one than had gone before' gives us an indication showing how desolate this kind of society is. A lack of options in this cultural context causes our protagonists, the man and boy to get a journey. That they journey for the coast wishing for an pain relief of their risky circumstances after they arrive. They have no other option but to journey about in the hope of attaining salvation. ‘Nobody wants to become here and nobody wants to leave. ' The man's child is the just reason this individual doesn't quit. ‘He realized only that his kid was his warrant. ' All legislation and purchase is banished and ‘Road Rats' patrol the street. Too little of food provides caused remainders to come to be cannibalism. An extremely sceptical possibility of life getting better and buy...


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