Drug and alcohol abuse is known as a serious problem among many young people. Most drug and alcohol abuse occurs on the weekend at a party or at a pal's house. The younger generation want to be popular and easily fit into, and if fitting in means drinking or using medications, they are going to undertake it. After a couple of parties, as well as nights out at a good friend's house, teenagers start to get hooked on drugs and alcohol and their life begins to fall apart.

Being well-known is a objective that all teens want to attain. There's nothing like sitting with the popular lunchtime table or knowing all the football and basketball players. Being well-known also means that you must do each of the things the popular children do, like drinking or perhaps smoking cigarettes every now and then. Smoking cigarettes and drinking a little bit leads to more serious things like consuming more, and trying drugs. The parties that last a entire weekend, mainly because their parents are out of town, are where the majority of the drinking and drug abuse will go on. Having drugs and alcohol is incredibly easy. The young people get someone old to buy the alcohol for them, and any individual can find anyone to sell these people drugs. After going to a party every weekend, they become utilized to the liquor and drugs and commence to drink is to do more medications. Then they become addicted. Once they're addicted, their your life begins to break apart. School marks drop, they are not their studies at night any longer, they may pay attention in class, and they avoid do the given work. They don't manage themselves, they don't eat right, and they avoid care about the look of them as much as ahead of. Young people are drinking and using medicines all the time. Since most young adults are still managing their father and mother, they most likely have a curfew. After drinking in a party through the night, they have to go back home on time, for them to do the same thing next weekend. They drive home inebriated, and this triggers car accidents. Sometimes the...


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