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Appendix B

For this task you will talk about information with patients with regards to a specific type of cancer by simply creating a flyer, brochure, or report.

Select and complete among the following assignments:

Option 1: Families With Children

Option 2: Adults

Option several: Middle-Aged Adults

Option 4: Older Adults

Option you: Families With Children

Pregnancy is to teach families with children of a cancer that affects kids. Although targeted, this group may contain a wide range of those who vary in age, browsing level, and socioeconomic position. Be mindful of unique characteristics linked to the affected inhabitants. Be imaginative in your layout while maintaining an expert appearance.

• Resources: American Tumor Society internet site ( as well as the National Tumor Institute internet site ( • Choose one sort of cancer that affects children. Share information regarding this malignancy with children and their people. • Produce a flyer, brochure, or record using the layouts in this document or build your own and present the information in 350 to five-hundred words. • Organize the info into five sections:

um Causes and risk factors, including environmental risks u Prevention and detection

um How the cancer affects the entire body

o Therapies

o Term and contact information of for least 1 support group

• Incorporate at least one image (picture or diagram) that supports any of the details you present in the sufferer information hazard, brochure, or report. • Format your paper according to APA rules.

Option two: Young Adults

While you make money is to educate young adults about a cancer that affects their age group. Even though focused, this group might contain a broad variety of individuals who fluctuate in era, reading level, and socioeconomic status. Consider unique characteristics associated with the affected population. End up being creative inside your layout while...


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