Duncan, Vinny, and David are all good friends working - or spending time - the summer prior to senior 12 months in senior high school. Duncan is a soul, Vinny the minds, and David the muscle mass. At the end with the previous summer season, Duncan attempted to save a drowning lady and failed. Not being a hero has really affected his life, especially his romance with his partner Kim. Likewise, he is now terrified of swimming, particularly when the disturbing dreams come back.

Duncan's summertime job is by using the public transportation lost and located. While planning to make the several hours go faster, Duncan looks through the things, especially the literature and golf equipment. One day this individual discovers an unmarked journal with no identity, which describes sadistic animal torture tests, boasts of arson fires, as well as the planning for the serial killings of three women. Duncan decides for making amends intended for his inability last summer season by investigating the owner of the journal by utilizing clues still left hidden in the diary.

After talking with his friend Vinny, Duncan decides to show the record over to the police, but they do not take him seriously, so he determines to acquire help from Vinny, do a couple of research on the local selection, and find out in which the killer functions and lives so they can prove to the police the diary is perfect for real. "

2 weeks . hot, sizzling summer, and in the absolute depths of the Toronto Transit Authority's lost and found, seventeen-year-old Duncan is cataloging misplaced items and sifting through built up junk. And between Jacob, the cranky old man who also runs the place, and the limitless dusty boxes overflowing with stuff no one is ever going to claim, Duncan has just regarding had enough. Then he finds a bit leather publication. It's a record filled with the dark and dirty secrets of a turned mind, a serial great stalking his prey inside the subway. And Duncan aren't make himself stop browsing. What do you do using a book like this? How far will you go to catch a madman? And what happens if time was operating out?


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