Genesis Martinez

Professor T. Jackson

The english language 111

December 10, 2012

" A Rose for Emily”

Emily Bill Faulkner in her short story " A Flower for Emily” narrates a remarkable story about a woman drive to madness due to remoteness. In this short story, the main character Emily Grierson shuts her aside and is assisted by townspeople in not really following the rules of our culture. When the girl dies, someone and townspeople discover that a long time ago, the girl killed her love and has slept with his corpse every night. 3 sub topics enjoy an important. function in this account; characterization, icons, and establishing. In " A rose for Emily” by Emily William Faulkner, the leading part Miss Emily is a great old-school the southern part of belle captured in a culture bent about forcing her to stay in her role the primary character on this story, lives for many years like a recluse, someone who has withdrawn coming from a community to live in seclusion. " No visitor had passed since the girl ceased supplying china-painting lessons eight or perhaps ten years earlier" (Faulkner, 149). Faulkner characterizes Miss Emily's attempt to remove herself via society through her actions. " After her dad's death the girl went out almost no; after her sweetheart went away, people barely saw her at all" (150). The death of her daddy and the shattered relationship with her sweetheart contributed to her seclusion. Nevertheless, her father was in charge of her becoming a recluse, her pride as well contributed to her seclusion. " None of the young men were quite good enough intended for Miss Emily and such" (151). Faulkner uses the energy of other characters to exhibit Miss Emily's pride. Her pride features kept her from socializing with other people of the community thus rewarding her solo. But Miss Emily's daddy is still in charge of her being a hermit. " We appreciated all the teenage boys her daddy had driven away... " (151). If he had not refused the men who wanted to day Miss Emily, she might have not removed crazy. Miss Emily may well have needed seclusion, nevertheless her...


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