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Aspects of Grounds Novel in Makarand Paranjape's The Narrator: A Story Shridevi G. G. The Narrator: A Novel is the well-known essenti Makarand Paranjape's debut novel, published in 1995. This can be a mishmash of several reports woven together and provided to us from view-points of a number of writer-narrators or character- narrators. This novel has attracted considerable interest in the academicians because of the unique narratology from the novel which can be different from the rest of the Indian works of fiction written in English. The novel can be experimental, and breaks away from the conventional methods of story-telling found in Indian English Fiction. Through the entire narrative, readers notice that there may be little try to create an illusion of realism or naturalism. you With the use of multivoiced and polyphonic narration, just as the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, the writer tries to relocate him self with the historic Indian custom of the narratology. 2 The storyplot of the book can be broken into three key threads: The foremost is the story of Rahul Patwardhan, lecturer in English at Asafia University or college, Hyderabad that is suffering from creative schizophrenia since his childhood and, along the way has a libidinal alter ego, Baddy. The second is the storyline of Badrinath Dhanda, who also comes out of Rahul through emanation. The final line is that of film production company script, Manpasand. Campus novel is a kind of novel which originated in the West but is definitely emerging as a very prominent sub-genre in Indian English language Fiction. Since David Hotel, a well-known practitioner of this sub-genre opines, Campus Novel is mainly concerned with the lives of University teachers and jr teachers. several The present daily news attempts to explore the aspects of grounds novel through this novel. The novel centers around Rahul Patwardhan who may be a lecturer in English language at the Asafia University, Hyderabad. His popularity as a lecturer is viewed when he complies with his Brain of the Section in the story. The Head with the Department would not doubt him when he is situated; asking for leave for 4 days around the pretext of illness and reading welcomes it. The reason is ,, this type

of aberration was a recent creation in Rahul's character, and is therefore unidentified to the Mind of Section. The author shows the characteristics of your good lecturer through Rahul Patwardhan's persona. He is liable about his duties as a lecturer: …. tomorrow was Monday. I had fashioned to teach. It had been the beginning of a brand new week. I couldn't manage to have a very late night today. But appointment him another day would screw up Tuesday's schedule. [TNAN 67]

His stress to total the syllabus is also portrayed in the novel. He abstains from hearing the gory details of incest when Badrinath is narrating his tale. When Badri goes on describing how the unsightly women will be better companions then the fabulous ones, Rahul is unable to add his look at as he is known as a loyal hubby to Neha and thus acquired slept just with her. It is the fascination generated in him by simply his literary sensibility or perhaps on humanitarian education inclination that he expresses his would like of meeting prostitutes. He thinks, What were these types of women like? What did they truly feel? What was the meaning of their lives………I was enthusiastic about getting to see them in close quarters. I told myself I didn't want the sexual, but the particular experience of appointment a prostitute, of speaking with her, understanding her.[ TNAN 168]

Rahul immediately revolts at Badri's mention of co-habition with college girls. " For heaven's sake, Badri, I actually teach these people myself”. " You never know”, he continued, " you may even meet one of your college students! ” " Please, Badri, stop it”. [TNAN 168]

This discussion indicates Rahul's strong specialist ethics. He has also adopted certain concepts in life which are unfortunately jettisoned after his acquaintance with Badri. This individual leaves a whole lot...

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