What Is an Illustration Essay?

An illustration essay is a form of writing that includes examplesto express an opinion. In this essay, you need to provide detailsto justify or clarify the point you have. Even if your idea isabstract, it will be more comprehensible is you offer examples tosupport it. Such an essay illustrates an idea through theapplication of examples.

Picking a Topic

Where to begin? Of course, with the choice of topic. This is farfrom simple. Your teacher may offer you a list of topics. Havinglooked it carefully, try to choose one of them, in which you aremost oriented, on which you already read something, wrote, etc.Choose a topic that you are really interested in. If none of theproposed topics attracted you, consult a teacher and try tosuggest something of yours.

Collection of Material

Once you pick a topic, you need to select the appropriatematerial. A short list of literature be can offered by a teacher.This, of course, does not exclude your independent search foradditional sources. How and where to search for literature?

The most accessible sources of knowledge for students arebookshops (markets) and libraries.

Since students, in most cases, expect to spend money on necessaryand interesting things, not just books – you can’t avoidlibraries.

To get to the library, you need to register with it and get areader’s ticket or a one-time pass. Record in a number oflibraries today is paid, so, in addition to providing youridentification card, you will need to pay a certain fee.

Most libraries are arranged the same way: they have asubscription, reading rooms, information-bibliographic, and otherdepartments. In addition, now in almost every more or less largelibrary, there are departments for photocopying, replicating, andother necessary services.

In order to find the literature you need, you must at least in ageneral way imagine where and how to look for it.

In each library, there are a lot of catalogs, which describe allthe literature available in the collection of this library. As arule, all libraries have alphabetic and systematic catalogs. Inaddition, both are still divided into subdirectories. Thus, thealphabetical catalog includes a catalog of books in Englishlanguages, separately – there are catalogs of books in a foreignlanguage, a catalog of personalities, a catalog of periodicals ofdomestic and foreign publications.

The systematic catalog of the library can consist of a catalog ofbooks with an alphabetical index to it, a catalog of abstracts ofdissertations, a catalog of local, and other publications. Insome libraries, there are also catalogs of new receipts. Theseare the same systematic catalogs where the literature presentedin the library is collected during the current year. Use them, ifyou need the latest literature on any topic.

How to Search for Books for an Illustration Essay

If you know the name of the author or the title of the book, youneed to search for it in the alphabetical catalog.

  • In the alphabetical catalog, the books are presented only byauthors’ names or titles if the authors are not specified. Keepin mind if there are no more than three authors, then the bookmust be searched for by the surnames of the first author, and ifthe authors are four or more, look for the book by its name.
  • A systematic catalog is a catalog in which the titles ofbooks are grouped by headings. However, the headings themselvesare not in alphabetical order, but in the system of disciplines.The most complete and branched system catalog is divided intodisciplines (philosophy, religion, social sciences, linguistics,natural sciences, etc.), which, in turn, are divided intosections and rubrics, which can be identified by the alphabeticalindex to the systematic catalog.
  • To avoid getting lost in the systematic directory, you canuse the keyword directory. It contains headings that are strictlyin alphabetical order, but with reference to the name of theproblem. In the cards under these headings are not the names ofthe books, but the ciphers of the boxes of the systematiccatalog, where you can find books on this issue.

A pleasant addition, decorating your essay, can be new andlittle-known information that you can draw from the journal andnewspaper articles. This is when a card file of journal andnewspaper articles comes to help, which is available in thereference bibliographic department. It contains information aboutall articles published in domestic journals and periodicalcollections.

If you need literature about a particular person, then look atthe card index of personalities, where the literature on manywell-known personalities is collected.

In any case, if something is incomprehensible to you inorganizing a particular catalog, you can always turn to thebibliographer on duty, who will always gladly consult aninexperienced reader.

Analysis of Sources

So, you finally found the necessary books and now you are facinga dilemma: how to cope with this whole mountain of literature?

Then everything is very simple: you sit down and look at thesources you need.

The order of study is determined by the degree of yourfamiliarity with the topic. If the topic is a mystery to you,then first look through the work that gives a general idea of thesubject. It can be a textbook or a small monograph on the topicof work. Then you can view the magazines with articles that dealwith any aspects of your topic. They can have interestingillustrative material, an unexpected statement of the problem.The legislative and archival material is studied in the lastplace.

It would be useful if you could give the answers to the followingquestions:

  • What is the main idea of the section, articles, books ingeneral?
  • What arguments are included in the proof?
  • What would you object to the author?
  • How to use them and what is their practical value?

After all the material has been worked out, try to systematize itand invent a plan of all the work. This seemingly insoluble taskwill be greatly facilitated if you plan at once, while thecontent of all sources is still in your memory.

The structure of any academic work, as a rule, includes threeparts: introduction, body, and conclusion.

Introduction should do the following:

  • The rationale for choosing a topic is reflected, itsrelevance and significance for science, and practice isdetermined.
  • The place of this problem is shown in the main topic, thatis, the general background is identified and the specifics of thenarrower topic discussed in the work are determined.
  • Reveals the history of the issue, which allows to present theproblem in dynamics through the so-called literature review.
  • The problems that have not yet been solved by modern scienceare noted.

To write a good introduction, it is very important to be able toput and formulate a task, to justify the necessity of writing anillustration essay, and your approaches to the problem.

The Use of Terminology

Of course, any scientific work cannot do without specialterminology. But a set of complex obscure terminology is usuallyvery difficult to comprehend.

Sometimes it is difficult to avoid repetition of the same word,but yet try to avoid tautology.

When disclosing the issues of the plan, there are certainrequirements:

  • Having given any definition or having put forward the thesis,show its essence and characteristic signs.
  • The subsequent thesis should be logically connected with theprevious one or flow from it.

The most valuable in describing the essence of the issues beingstudied will be the designation of one’s own position. Do not beafraid to express your own point of view.

Do not forget about the conclusions: this part of the essay isalways read by teachers. Therefore, try to formulate thembeautifully.

Correctly formulate the list of literature. The number and typesof sources also say a lot about the work.

Check of an Illustration Essay

Great value in writing an essay is checking its first version.When writing a draft, your main task is to develop an argument,refine the basic ideas, and arrange them in a strict sequence,accompanied by illustrative materials or auxiliary data, etc.After writing the first option, let it rest for a day or two, andthen go back to work on checking and improving.

When checking the essay, first of all, pay attention to thefollowing important points:

  • Remember that an essay is a subjective genre, so itsevaluation can be subjective.
  • Presented data: regardless of which question you areanswering, you need to achieve certain goals.
  • Make sure that you have said in the essay what you intended.
  • Communication/writing skills. Essays are also designed totest your ability to express thoughts on paper and your writingskills. It is important to be able to present your ideas well.
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