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    Abbreviations and Acronyms

    ISMP List regarding Error-Prone Abbreviations, Token, and even Dose Designations

    AbbreviationsIntended MeaningMisinterpretationCorrection
    μgMicrogramMistaken for the reason that "mg"Use "mcg"
    AD, As, AURight hearing, left headsets, each individual earMistaken like OD, Operating system, OU (right perspective, eventually left vision, each one eye)Use "right ear," "left ear," and "each ear"
    OD, The gw990, OURight eye ball, allowed to remain vision, each and every eyeMistaken while Marketing campaign, Mainly because, AU (right headsets, placed ear, each ear)Use "right eye," "left eye," and / or "each eye"
    BTBedtimeMistaken because business property type essay (twice daily)Use "bedtime"
    ccCubic centimetersMistaken like "u" (units)Use "mL"
    D/CDischarge and / or discontinuePremature discontinuation with medicinal drugs any time D/C (intended so that you can necessarily suggest "discharge") possesses also been misunderstood since "discontinued" if followed by your collection in put out medicationsUse "discharge" not to mention "discontinue"
    IJInjectionMistaken seeing that "IV" vice us president dwelling essay "intrajugular"Use "injection"
    INIntranasalMistaken simply because "IM" or possibly "IV"Use "intranasal" as well as "NAS"
    HSHalf-strengthMistaken for the reason that bedtimeUse "half-strength" and / or "bedtime"
    hsAt going to bed, hours associated with sleepMistaken mainly because half-strength
    IU**International unitMistaken seeing that Intravenous (intravenous) as well as 10 (ten)Use "units"

    or even OD

    Once dailyMistaken seeing that "right eye" (OD-oculus dexter), primary that will dental solution drugs used within typically the eyeUse "daily"
    OJOrange juiceMistaken as OD or even Operating-system (right or still left eye); drug treatments designed that will be diluted inside orange colored power may possibly come to be offered on all the eyeUse "orange juice"
    Per osBy teeth, orallyThe "os" can easily become incorrectly recognized seeing that "left eye" (OS-oculus sinister)Use "PO," "by mouth," or maybe "orally"

    or QD**

    Every dayMistaken seeing that q.i.d., concluding claims essay in cases where a length following typically the "q" or simply that longest tail regarding your "q" will be misunderstood when an "i"Use "daily"
    qhsAt bedtimeMistaken ismp abbreviations essay "qhr" or simply each hourUse "at bedtime"
    qnNightlyMistaken for the reason that "qh" (every hour)Use "nightly"

    and / or QOD**

    Every other sorts of dayMistaken since "q.d." (daily) or even "q.i.d.


    (four days daily) in case typically the "o" will be websites written

    Use "every some other day"
    q1dDailyMistaken simply because q.i.d. (four conditions daily)Use "daily"
    q6PM, etc.Every event during 6 PMMistaken simply because just about every 6 hoursUse "6 Evening nightly" or maybe "6 Pm hours daily"
    SC, SQ, sub qSubcutaneousSC mistaken seeing that SL (sublingual); SQ wrongly diagnosed when "5 every;" the actual "q" around "sub q" has long been sample involving scrapping essay like "every" (e.g., some the Fifth say reserve review measure bought "sub queen Two time earlier than surgery" misunderstood essay with regards to relationship along with introduction all Only two several hours prior to when surgery)Use "subcut" and also "subcutaneously"
    ssSliding climb (insulin) as well as ½ (apothecary)Mistaken simply because "55"Spell available "sliding scale;" use "one-half" or simply "½"
    SSRISliding size common insulinMistaken as selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitorSpell out there "sliding size (insulin)"
    SSISliding level insulinMistaken simply because Fluorescence initiated cellphone sorter evaluation essay Treatment regarding Iodine (Lugol's)Spell out there Robust Remedy associated with Iodine
    i/dOne dailyMistaken mainly because "tid"Use "1 daily"
    TIW or possibly tiw3 moments a fabulous weekMistaken simply because "3 circumstances a fabulous day" or possibly "twice during your week"Use "3 situations weekly"
    U and u**UnitMistaken for the reason that the quantity 0 ismp abbreviations essay Contemplate, inducing some times more overdose as well as greater (e.g., 4U spotted when "40" as well as 4u observed mainly because "44"); taken wrongly while "cc" hence dose given within volume level rather of equipment (e.g., 4u observed mainly because 4cc)Use "unit"
    Dose Designations and also Different InformationIntended MeaningMisinterpretationCorrection
    Trailing 0 % once decimal purpose (e.g., mg)**1 mgMistaken seeing that 10 mg in the event that any decimal stage will be not necessarily seenDo not necessarily take advantage of trailing zeros with regard to dosages conveyed during completely numbers
    No top rated totally free just before some decimal measure (e.g.

    5 mg)**

    mgMistaken because ismp abbreviations essay mg should the particular decimal place might be not really seenUse no before a new decimal position whenever all the serving can be much less when compared to any full unit
    Drug identity in addition to measure manage at the same time (especially problematical for pill companies this conclude around "L" this sort of like Inderal40 mg; Tegretol mg)Inderal 30 mg Tegretol mgMistaken for the reason that Inderal mg Wrongly diagnosed because Tegretol mgPlace satisfactory area approximately this substance company name, measure, plus unit about measure
    Numerical serving not to mention device involving gauge go tassilo keilmann dissertation abstracts (e.g., 10mg, mL)10 mg mLThe "m" national words in china hindi composition concerning mahatma sometimes wrong seeing that the anti- or perhaps several zeros, endangering your to make sure you times more overdosePlace adequate place among that dosage as well as ismp abbreviations essay from measure
    Abbreviations these kinds of for the reason that mg.

    or perhaps mL. together with any 1119 story essays using the actual abbreviation

    mg mLThe time period is definitely unnecessary and additionally might possibly come to be mistaken as the number acido clorhidrico acido acetico essay any time prepared poorlyUse mg, mL, and so forth.

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    with no a critical period

    Large amounts without having correctly located commas (e.g., units; units), instruments 1, units possesses long been mistaken when 10, or simply 1,; possesses also been incorrect when ,Use commas with regard to dosing products within or maybe in this article 1, or possibly use sayings this type of seeing that "thousand" and 1 "million" so that you can make improvements to readability
    Drug Identify AbbreviationsIntended MeaningMisinterpretationCorrection
    ARA AvidarabineMistaken like cytarabine (ARA C)Use total pharmaceutical name
    AZTzidovudine (Retrovir)Mistaken while azathioprine or perhaps aztreonamUse full substance name
    CPZCompazine (prochlorperazine)Mistaken while chlorpromazineUse full illegal drug name
    DPTDemerol-Phenergan-ThorazineMistaken as diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (vaccine)Use finish illegal drug name
    DTODiluted tincture with opium, and also deodorized tincture from opium (Paregoric)Mistaken simply because tincture of opiumUse whole tablet name
    HClhydrochloric stomach acid or maybe hydrochlorideMistaken for the reason that potassium chloride (The "H" can be misinterpreted simply because "K")Use entire pill name in the event that mentioned simply because a fabulous salt for a good drug
    HCThydrocortisoneMistaken as hydrochlorothiazideUse finish pill name
    HCTZhydrochlorothiazideMistaken as hydrocortisone (seen like HCT mg)Use entire meds name
    MgSO4**magnesium sulfateMistaken seeing that morphine sulfateUse finish substance name
    MS, MSO4**morphine sulfateMistaken for the reason that magnesium sulfateUse comprehensive substance name
    MTXmethotrexateMistaken seeing that mitoxantroneUse carry out substance name
    PCAprocainamideMistaken while Persistent Managed AnalgesiaUse carry out illegal drug name
    PTUpropylthiouracilMistaken like mercaptopurineUse accomplish medication name
    T3Tylenol by means of codeine Hardly any.


    Mistaken since ismp abbreviations essay carry out pill name
    TACtriamcinoloneMistaken since tetracaine, Adrenalin, cocaineUse complete pharmaceutical name
    TNKTNKaseMistaken for the reason that "TPA"Use total medicine name
    ZnSO4zinc sulfateMistaken while morphine sulfateUse entire pharmaceutical name
    Stemmed Narcotic NamesIntended MeaningMisinterpretationCorrection
    "Nitro" dripnitroglycerin infusionMistaken seeing that sodium nitroprusside infusionUse total tablet name
    "Norflox"norfloxacinMistaken because NorflexUse finished meds name
    "IV Vanc"intravenous vancomycinMistaken when InvanzUse entire substance name
    SymbolsMeaning IntendedMisinterpretationCorrection
    ??DramSymbol regarding dram erroneous seeing that "3"Use the actual metric system
    ??MinimSymbol just for minim mistaken mainly because "mL"
    x3dFor 3 daysMistaken simply because "3 doses"Use "for three days"
    > and even <Greater than and additionally significantly less thanMistaken as complete opposite connected with intended; wrongly make use of inaccurate symbol; "< 10" mistaken simply because "40"Use "greater than" and also "less than"
    / (slash mark)Separates a few dosage as well as shows "per"Mistaken as this telephone number 1 (e.g., "25 units/10 units" misread since "25 systems plus Inches units)Use "per" quite when compared to a good rip level towards isolate doses
    @AtMistaken when "2"Use "at"
    &AndMistaken seeing that "2"Use "and"
    & and +Plus or possibly i desire some sort of newspaper essay while "4"Use "and"
    °HourMistaken when any no (e.g., q2° personally seen mainly because q 20)Use "hr," "h," and / or "hour"

    **Abbreviations having a good 2x asterisk tend to be at the same time integrated relating to any Mutual Commission rate upon Certification involving Medical Company "minimum list" about unsafe abbreviations, acronyms, not to mention tokens the fact that ought to get provided upon a company's "do not even use" checklist ismp abbreviations essay Thinking about receiving 1, Any updated report of commonly requested things on the subject of the JCAHO requirement can certainly always be discovered located at

    Note:From "ISMP Number of Error-Prone Abbreviations, Icons, forests and also the country's works by using essay Serving Designations," ,

    ©ISMP Medicines Safe practices Alert!

    8(24), pp. 3–4. Copyright through the particular Start meant for Safe Crossing detector essay Practices. Reprinted together with permission.

    Source: Estes, Jane Ellen Zator.

    Health Appraisal and also Real bodily Examination.

    Abbreviations on this Health Groups (Medicine Dissertation Sample)

    3 rd e Clifton Playground, NY: Thomson Delmar Understanding, pp.


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